You all know what the end of August means right?


The new Unofficial Guide to WDW releases either late August or early September. please post if you see it at your local book store or on Amazon! I have to get it and read it before my trip. It’s a tradition!


who is the author?


My local borders said that they would have their copies in on Monday. But I think you can already order it at Barnes & Noble’s website. I have been waiting for this book!


i will go check today


Oh hooray!! I finally have something to put on my birthday list! I couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted…but now I can! :happy:


Bob Sehlinger I believe is his name


I am leaving in 29 days do you think I should pick it up???


YES! Nothing makes time go faster than a good WDW book and the unofficial is the best guide to WDW! Good reading!

Monday? Oh wow! I am getting my copy then!


From their web site - I give you:
Ta daaaaaaaa!

2007 Unofficial Guides are available
The 2007 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World is available in bookstores now. has a limited supply available now. Other online retailers, such as, will have the book in stock over the next couple of weeks.
Posted 2006-08-12


Sounds like I gotta go get it tonight… I am off to the book store anyway for Miss SMIG…


oh boy! Thanks boss!!! You made my day. getitng the phone to call my local bookstore


Yes, it rocks!!


But I’ve got 2006 memorized!!!:ohmy: :laugh: :angry:


Right on!

Time to get the next one even though it is darn near the same as last years! :pinch:

:mickey: :wacko:


BAM has it on the website. I’ll check out the store tomorrow night.


My bookstore doesn’t have it yet…maybe tomorrow. I will call in the afternoon and see if they got it in.


If I buy another book I’m going to be in trouble…I just picked up the PassPorter… which I LOVE!! But maybe I can just be sneaky about it…
hehehehe :ninja:


:laugh: The big challenge is trying to find the new stuff.


Yes, I agree!


I got mine!!! WOOOHOOOOOO Barnes and Noble had it today. I got one of the last two on the shelf! You all know what I will be doing tonight. I can’t wait to read the “importance of being goofy” section…it’s hsyterical!