You know it is getting close to your Disney Vacation when you


I know for me it is close, within 30 days, when I…

Start tracking the flights I am taking to see what time they depart and land.


I start listening to Radio Buena Vista on just to hear all of the park music :mickey:


I know it’s close when I start packing and repacking…lol


I know its close when I start counting and re counting spending money


You know I am getting close when I am yelling at my daughters to start packing.


I know it’s getting close when I start doing all of the above except for yelling at my daughters because I don’t have daughters :biggrin:


It’s close for me because I start going down the grocery aisle with the Trial Sizes, snapping up little toothpastes and all that stuff!


I know it’s getting close when I make my packing list and check it over and over again so I’ll be sure not to forget anything.


I know my disney trip is getting close when I start needing coin wrappers to roll all of our coins that we’ve been collecting since the last disney trip!:laugh:


I know my disney trip is close when I start getting my son used to the sleep schedule needed for the trip


…when everytime I’m in Walmart or the Dollar Store I start buying things for DD to do on the airplane.

…I also know when it’s close when the bed in our spare bed is loaded up with piles of Disney t-shirts, hats, misting bottle, pressed pennies and pins!