You know it's an obsession when

  1. You’ve been a member of Mousebuzz for less than a month and you’re already at 110 posts.

  2. You use a ringtone of Donald Duck yelling to get your sleepy children out of bed each morning.

  3. You automatically assume that when someone asks, “Are you ready to go?” that they are talking about your trip to WDW in 5 months, no matter who they are or what you’re doing.

  4. You change your American History homeschool research project to “The History of Walt, his Movies and his Parks” since you are all obsessively researching that subject anyway.

  5. You already have your Mousekeeping envelopes decorated and filled for your trip which is months away.

  6. Anyone else want to fill in the blank?


When you have every meal planned for your entire trip, even though I can’t even figure out what I’m making for dinner tonight!


Haaaa, I like that! Me too:laugh:

-When this past Christmas came, I told my husband I would pass on gifts if we could book 2 extra days for our trip.

-I’ve been shopping for summer “Disney clothes” starting in December (and still shopping) and our trip is in June.

-Ummmm I check MB on an hourly basis for new ideas :blush:

Yup I have a problem! and I LOVE IT :mickey:


You have something Disney in every room of the house. Oh yea EVERY ROOM…


Any extra income is looked at as “Disney Money” !!!


You look on here about a million times a day, listening to Disney on satellite radio, and secretly planning trips all the time…


That’s not obsessing!
I would call it mulitasking:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Well, now I can correct my husband! Thanks!


You permanently mark your body with a 4x8" Mickey Mouse themed tattoo and, no, I do not have any other tattoos.


Picture??? I have a hidden Mickey in mine.


This is it. It’s been worked on twice and it is on my lower back. For me, it gives me that “Disney” feeling. I guess it is my own “Hidden” Mickey that peeks out every now and then.


I concede. You definitely have me beat! :happy:


The funny thing is a tattoo is so far out of my character. One day I just went and got it - no planning. A manifestation of my mid-life crisis? Maybe, but I do not regret getting it. I just would have planned the design out more, in hindsight. It has started quite a few conversations at WDW when it has peeked out.


LOL oh this made me laugh!


You know you’re obsessed when you’re kids know you have a shopping trip planned for Feb that involves clothing and toiletries for a JUNE trip.

That you know exactly where you want to eat, what rides you want to ride, and what you want to do in general for a JUNE trip.

If you’re thinking $1k isn’t enough for all the WDW loot you want to buy for a 4 day trip. :blink:

That you’re wondering how many rides you can pack in before lunch since you’ll only have 3 kids, not 5 in tow.

Know which rides, already, that your 44inch dd can ride and which one’s she might squeak by in getting on.

When the 3 kids going, know that they want a hair streaking and face painting session and where the said places are that they occurred before. :laugh:

That you talk about it too much when your dh (who isn’t going) has an idea of where you’ll be at any given time if he were to call. :laugh:


Great ink


When you keep a carryon bag packed by the bed for a year. Or when the Disney Wonder’s horn is your ring tone, or you are considering passing on advanced degrees because it may take away from your Disney time and money. Or you are trying to type so softly as not to wake DH:laugh:


You feel ill if you don’t get a daily Disney fix.


When you listen to your Disney CD’s over and over again in your car. I can’t tell you the last time I listened to an actual radio station.


Right now we enjoy the Princess & the Frog soundtrack in the car.