You know you’re hooked on DC when…


I made these up today, feel free to post your own, or list which ones you’re guilty of. :happy:

You know you’re hooked on DC when…

  1. You accidentally address members of your family with “Disney” first, followed by their relationship to you, in everyday conversation.
  2. You get extremely upset if anything interferes with your daily Disney plans.
  3. Your daily breakfast consists of a beverage and a morning visit to DC for new posts.
  4. You suddenly feel the need to make meal reservations for your Disney trip, when you have never done so before.
  5. You know all the best viewing spots for all the parks’ daily events.
  6. You cannot absorb enough tips and information about Disney.
  7. You have printed out mousekeeping envelopes, hoping that you will receive more towel animals with those daily tips.
  8. You read and reread others’ trip reports just to get your Disney fix.
  9. You know what CRT, WL, TTA, and MNSSHP stand for.
  10. You cannot talk about Disney without the urge to use some kind of smiley in your reply.
  11. You have shared so much Disney info with others that you have forgotten that you are now allowed to “Chit Chat.”
  12. You suddenly have the urge to dance when “single digit”, “double digits” or “30 days” is mentioned.
  13. You know what a Dole Whip is and where you can get it.
  14. You know where you’re going to be each day of your trip.
  15. You know not to let someone try Beverly, unless you have your camera handy.
  16. You know not to ask for Ketchup at Whispering Canyon.
  17. You know you’re not alone when you feel like you’re a complete Disney freak.
  18. You don’t use the words “over” and “plan” in the same sentence.
  19. You knew about the new celebration as soon as it was announced, if not sooner.
  20. You half expect to see a countdown every time someone asks for your “signature.”


I agree with all of them! Great list!! :happy:

I’d like to add one to the list:

21.) You read the trip reports (all of them!) more than you read your local newspaper!


You meet a DCer in person, and call them by their DC name even though you know their real name. Their real name just doesn’t fit them.


Oh, you KNOW “Wish” is more suiting for me than “Jessica!” I do believe some people called me “Wish” at the meet & greet but I don’t think you let that one slip. haha


When you have been here for four years and your post count is over 12,000…lol


That one’s perfect Dana! :laugh:


When you have been here for seven months and your post count is over 1,200…lol


How bout…
When you start to tell someone a story that begins “Cavey said funniest thing”, or “you should hear one of Donutty’s kitty stories” and NO ONE knows what the heck you’re talking about!


You make a list about knowing you’re hooked on DC… :laugh:


You find it difficult to talk without adding Smilies.


:angel: What are you talking about? :laugh:


When you’re late for a meeting but you need to finish a post or want to see if anyone has posted anything new. :nonono2:


You spend half of your dinner telling your boyfriend about all the funny things that happened on DC today… :ninja:

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When your husband feels like he knows the DC crew, because his wife won’t shut up about them…

when you drag your entire family around EPCOT trying to meet just ONE DCer…



That is so me! Here I sit with my coffee and the new posts! :wub: :cool:


You see the thread that discusses your ocb and become concerned that it will fade away, so you go and post just to bring it back into the new posts… :ohmy:


That is a good one. :happy:


You are in line at Disneyland for HM or SM and you are on DC!!! :tongue:

HI PUMOUSE! :flowers:


Haha! Ya know, I was thinking the same thing when I was waiting in line typing on my Sidekick! :happy:


Great minds Pu! :happy: