You KNOW you're in need of a Disney trip WHEN


You KNOW you’re in need of a Disney trip WHEN…

At 6am you hear your husband in the backyard trying to wrangle the dogs back in the house by saying; “HURRY… SIMBA 1!” in an accent only worth hearing :tongue:

OMG, sorry, I just had to share! It’s REALLY time to go back when DH starts quoting lines from Kilamanjaro Safaris! hehe. I will be officially calling Emma, my Scottie, “Simba 1” today. :tongue:

Has anyone else had these strange occurances?


I was at lunch the other day with my daughters and we saw a kitchen door bump a waitress. DD2 immediately said “please stand clear of the doors” and DD1 repeated it in Spanish. “Disney Speak” is so much a part of our lives, we don’t even notice - although sometimes other people do.


I work as a service cashier and I have been having people come in saying they are going to Disney and just hearing that makes me want to go to Disney


I just had a debate with a good friend of mine that Disney and Universal were not owned by the same company. I had to actually prove it to her with information from the net! :huh: uuuugggggghhhhh Time to take a Disney trip ASAP!


I’ve had 2 Disney dreams within a week…time for a trip!


My life sucks right now . . . Time for a Disney Trip.


My babe comes in the door after a long day at work, looks at me and says, how many more days to go? She needs a Disney trip!


Wish, that’s too funny!!! I can only imagine his accent!! Roomie and I occasionally break out into, “they’re Tommies, TOMMIES!”


I’m ALWAYS in need of a Disney trip! Ha. :cool:


You KNOW you’re in need of a Disney trip WHEN…when you aren’t at Disney.


You check-in on DC everyday and pray there is a new trip report. If not you re-read an old one.

Yikes :eek: how many more days??? :mickey:


My office co-worker is finally taking the plunge after listening to me go on and on and on before and after each Disney trip. He leaves tomorrow…and I am the one who is too excited to sleep!!! I can hardly get any work done either!!


Tigger–that sums it all up for me! Well put my bouncy friend! :tongue:


Couldn’t have said it better! :laugh:

You know you’re in need of a Disney trip when you spend more time reading Disney boards than you do working… :eek:


Its the talk of the town here to as spring break is days away. My ds 6 comes home from school daily lately to give me the update on who is going and how many days they all have left.

2 days for us!!!


That is (as my son would say) “totally” me! And with the billable budget I have right now it’s NOT GOOD! I guess that’s what I get for planning a trip right after tax season – but I can’t afford to be useless these last few weeks either! ARGHHHH!!