You MUST try these low-cal Nemo pops (Mickey bars too)


At the grocery store yesterday I spied four new Disney ice cream products and they were on sale, so I picked the “Nemo Cool Cream Pops” and DH picked the “Chocolate Ears Mickey” pops.

:heart: :mickey: THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD!! :mickey: :heart:

the Nemo cool creams are ONLY 60 calories and only ONE Weight Watchers point. They are similar to a orange creamsicle and SOOO good!

The Mickey pops have the chocolate-coated mickey ears and everything.

They also had Incredibles ice cream cones with sprinkles, and these Mickey Fantasia ice pops in shapes of stars, moons, etc.

I am a geek so I included a photo (you :heart: me anyway, i know)


LOVE!!! :c)

Tell me how many points are the Mickeys - Please!


Oh, and I love peirogies, too.


the Mickey’s are THREE points.

hehe, I LOVE Mrs. T’s :wink:


I love icecream!! Oh and I love Disney!! I guess I better get some!


Thanks, Wishy!!!


Ha! I’m so glad I’m not the only dork when it comes to taking random pictures! :laugh:

I have seen those around here. Will have to keep an eye out.


Awesome!!! I remember eating those Mickey ones a long time ago… I can’t remember if it was at home or at Disney… I just remember being little and being amused at Mickey’s face disappearing as I ate him…


Mickey ice cream bars is a perfect ten.:mickey:


Where did you find these I will splurge for three points for the mickey bars


go to they have some details.:mickey:


Perfect timing, I’m on my way to the grocery store right now…they look yummy!


Disney + Icecream = can life get any better?


I just ran to Walmart ( ok not ran drove they had the Mickey pops and icredibles cones but no nemo of course I had to buy the mickey pops )


Aw, those look yummy and adorable. Thanks for the tip, Wish!

I love creamsicle type ice cream treats, I will have to try the Nemos.


Man I have GOT TO go out and get me some of those! Thats awesome! Now if only they would sell the Mickey Head Ice Cream bars like you get in the parks, but then again I wouldnt want them to sell those out of the parks because then I wouldnt have something to look forward to each time I go to the parks and they wouldnt be unique. :tongue:


ME TOO - ME TOO! Thanks Wish - I will have to go back to the store. :mickey:


We just got them yesterday in the ShopRite in town. They are yummy! And they were on sale!


They didn’t have any of them at Safeway. :sad: I had to settle for Klondike Oreo ice cream bars. They are delicious, but would be a whole lot better if they were in a Mickey box! :wink:


Haha! I know, we just got some of those Mrs Freshlys snacks because they have the characters on it, they are exactly the same thing, but still.