You want HOW MUCH for a tree at WDW?


Listen to this:

I booked our Christmas week trip, and while I was on the line, the CM said to me “OH, you’ll want to have a tree set up in your room right?” I said, “A Tree, really they’ll do that?” She said, "YEP! Here is the number . … "

So I called: This years tree is 4ft tall artificial with lights, 10 ornaments and the theme is “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust” it hasn’t been “designed” yet, but should be unveiled on the Lake Buena Vista, FL - Florist, Flowers, Flower Delivery, Send Flowers, Walt Disney World Florist : Home site in about 2 weeks. They will come to your room while you are not there and set it up! Sounds great you say . . .

Are you ready for the price? Drum roll please . . . . $365!!!

Here’s the number is you want to order one: 407-827-3505
(we’re getting two . . . NOT!)

OH, and I was told . . . most people “leave it behind!” :eek: but if I wanted to have it shipped home, they will come and remove it and ship it for $50.

Does anyone else find this to be a TON of money? It’s not just me right?

Last years was The Year of a Million Dreams Tree . . . but still $365 for a 4ft artificial tree . . . yikes!


WOW!!:ohmy: :ohmy: For that kind of money you could stay an extra couple of days at WDW.


Umm, take a cab to the local Walmart and buy a tree, some lights and 10 ornaments for less than $100. I cannot believe people actually pay that!


WOW!! I would just go to Target and get a Disney tree for like $30.


I know . . . I actually REPEATED the price back to her . . . so it’s 365 dollars right? :eek: And to leave it behind too . . . yikes!

We drive up from Palm Beach, so I am going to hide my own tree with all the fixings in the luggage . . . when DDs are sleeping I’ll start decorating . . . :wub:

With dining it’s costing me approx. $230/day for 3 of us . . . sooooo you are right I’d rather get another day!! :happy:


haha, I’ve seen those expensive trees on the Disney Florist website. When I looked that them I could have sworn they were $275, still hefty. When we used to go during Christmas time & lived in south Florida we used to bring a bag full of decorations from home. One of the most fun parts of our trip was always decorating the room!


Yes, that’s what I figure . . . and the little ones will :heart: to do that, cuz they :heart: to do it at home! :wub:


Jen , I have a disney winnie the pooh tree that I got for thirty dollars ( when it gets closer to Christmas ) Target should have a Disney tree that you can buy and bring to Decorate the room .


I have looked into this as well. If we go at Xmas time, I would buy a “miniature tree” about 3ft tall. Pack it inside my Large luggage along with lights & plain red (plastic) bulbs. I would then go to DTD Xmas store and buy some cute Disney ornaments to decorate it. Then after my stay, pack everything back into my large suitcase, and it all goes home with me. I just can’t see spending that kind of money. I have seen the tree’s online, they are cute, but for that kind of money, I can buy a TON of Disney ornaments to take home.


I would add extra days instead of a 365 tree.


Two years ago I went to a Dollar store and got everything I needed
to have it shipped down to our resort (SOG) I had already been in
contact with housekeeping and they informed me that they would be
glad to set it up with no charge. But of course I would tip. The family
was ok with the Christmas trip but they all said they would miss the
tree and stuff under it. When we got there the tree was up and I even
got Helena to cry with tears of joy. It had been a surprise to all of them.
All in all it was less than $100.00 with a tip.


Yes I saw them last year . . . there was Princess, Buzz . . . that’s is the route I am going to go.


Wow, that sounds WONDERFUL!

Not sure they would do this now . . . because they don’t assign you a room until 3pm . . . SOG may be different?


I wouldn’t pay that much but I’m sure there are a lot of people who do. We went for Christmas last year and didn’t have a tree in our room. The price of getting one from Disney was too high and I didn’t want to mess with bringing one from home. It would have been nice to have one but no one in my family missed it.


That’s a great idea. I also think that $365 is pretty steep for a Christmas tree, and then to think that you have pay an additional $50 to ship it home?! Goodness gracious! That is ridiculous!


With the way surcharges for the number of luggage and weight of the luggage, I wouldn’t be surprised if by December, it would cost that much to transport your own tree from home!


I am still in shock over the cost of the tree. That just blew me away. I would not pay that much. That covers almost 2 seasonal passes. For 79.00 more I can get 2 seasonal passes. They are crazy.


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz]Listen to this:

OH, and I was told . . . most people “leave it behind!” :eek: QUOTE]

I think I will take a left behind one :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


That’s a good idea!! :happy:


:eek: Good Lord! That’s… high… :eek: