Your 1st Visit


I saw this topic on another thread and thought it needed one on its own. Put your thinking caps on and take us down memory lane.

[B]When was your 1st visit and how many times have you been since then?[/B]

-Oct 1993 I was 25 when hubby took me to WDW for our hunnymoon. I didn’t want to go, thought it was for kids. Would’ve rather went to New Orleans with the rest of the adults. Boy was I WRONG!
-I’ve been 10 times. Should’ve been more but living in the far east for 3 yrs, and having 3 kids slowed us down a bit.


Spring break 1972. It was the first year we did not escape NJ for Naples, FL.

I was not happy :angry: since I am a water fanatic and still love spending as much time in or on the water. Boy was I suprised when we pulled into the Contemporary for the first time.:ohmy:


1983…I had wanted to go since it opened…I was so excited. My husband and i were visiting relatives in Lakeland and drove over to WDw for the day. Looking back, I can’t believe we went to both parks that one day…

I’ve been back many times since then, but I think our first visit with my daughter when she was three was the greatest joy…you can visit as an adult and miss so many things…children notice and point out things you have walked by before…

Now that three year old is grown and married and we still love going to WDW together!



When was your 1st visit and how many times have you been since then?

The first time I went was 1982 with my family. I have been there a total of 17 times.


October 1984. I was 5. My parents scrimped and saved for almost 2 years so we could do everything top notch. We stayed at the Contemporary. We did the Hoop Dee Doo, a character breakfast on the Empress Lily, ate at what I think was called the Top of the World (before Cali Grill) and went off site for Medieval Times. I basically only wanted to ride It’s a Small World and watch the parade. LOL I only went back three more times before my college program in 2000 but since then, I have been back more times than I could have imagined.

All told, not including my College Program, I have been 18 times.


1982 - Disneyland. My mother came to visit us from Germany and we went to explore California with her. Disney was never on our radar for this trip, we wanted to go and see the San Diego Zoo, etc. Somehow we made it to Anaheim and it was the most wonderful thing.
My mother was a fan of Mickey Mouse for as long as he has been “alive”. My nickname growing up was Mickey - weird.

  1. I was 6 months old, and I don’t remember a thing. My mother tells me that they put me in lime green sunglasses, and everyone thought I was adorable.


1977-I was 1 year old so I of course remember nothing of that trip. I’ve been (I think) 25 times since then.


It was 1975. I was four. It was amazing, and i still remember it… I remember the awe of the castle and the topiary animals on the grounds below the monorail. I loved them I remember the orange bird cups, standing in line for more tickets so we could ride something again. We had only planned on one day for that trip, but we came back and added another day.

All together i have been about 15 times and 10 of those have been with my kids- even more than when i was growing up.


…I love reading these posts about your first trips!


First time for all of us (DH, MissSMIG & HollyLynne) was November 1996. Since DH and I were married in September 96 we decided to forgo the Honeymoon and take our first family vacation to WDW.

It was a great vacation, but I wish I would have know then what I now know about WDW.

Since then…

2006 - celebrating our 10 year anniversary and MissSMIG’s 13th birthday.
2006 - HOST conference at the Hilton
2007 - PELORUS conference - 2.5 days with MissSMIG
2008 - Celebrating my parents 50th
2009 - Celebrating MissSMIG’s sweet 16 and hopefully
December 2012 to celebrate my 50th birthday.


My first trip was in May of 2001. We went for one day and only to Magic Kingdom. So I don’t really consider it my first trip.

My real first trip was in April of 2005. We stayed at the All Star Movies and thought the resort was great for how little we were in the actual room. By the week we knew we would be DVC members. By the middle of May 2005 we became DVC members with a home resort of SSR.

We just love that once we get to the WDW resort we dont have to leave property to do anything.

I am anxiously awaiting our next trip in June!


Ours was 1991, and we have been almost every year since , sometimes twice a year, making total trips about 25 times.
I couldn’t believe I was in America, the country I had dreamt about visiting but never thought possible. My love affair with America started then and has continued ever since.


My first trip to WDW was in 1999 with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, 3 1/2 year old nephew, DH and our twins. We celebrated the twins’ 5th birthday there! We’ve been back 12 times since!


2002, I was 14! Stayed at POR and was convinced it was going to be a once in a lifetime trip! 10 years and numerous trips later…I think we caught the Disney bug hehe


Now that is funny or cool, take your pick. We went to WDW for the first time in 1999 to celebrate our twins 5th birthday as well :cool:


July 4th week 1990. I was 5 and I have really vivid memories of some things and no recollection of others.

Had 5 more trips before I spent two wonderful years ‘living’ at the world and working as a CM.
I have been back once since I moved home, but only for about 2 hours at MK. A friend got us in for free, but it was too hot and too crowded for baby boys. Our upcoming trip will be their first official visit.


DL: I wasn’t very old… all I remember is hunching down in the Pirates boat in terror, but my hand was raised up making a gun to shoot back at the pirates! I’ve been to Disneyland maybe around 50 times? More?

WDW: 2005. 10th anniversary trip with my husband! We had a fantastic time. I’ve only been back once since. But there will be more!


My first visit was December 1986, I was 10 months old and I have been just about every year since, some years twice…so atleast 26 times!! And it gets that much better with every visit…although my daughter tops me on being the youngest…we took her to Disney at 3 months old!! :happy:


My first trip was in 1978 or '79 we spent 3 days in MK (that is all that there was) they had ticket books so if you wanted to ride a lot of attractions you had to buy more tickets. One of the mountains was being built at the time, we have pictures of just the frame work.
I have been to WDW 7 times. I would love to go at least once a year, but my DH is not as big of a fan as I am.

We just returned from Florida where my DGD visited the beach for the first time, she went to WDW last Oct. We asked her which she liked the best and she said…
The Beach! Nooooo! Wrong Answer!!