Your Avatar/Pic


Since we’re explaining our usernames in a separate thread, I thought it woulc be interesting (well, maybe a little interesting) to find out about all these neat MouseBuzz Avatar pics…

I’ll start:

My photo is of my kids in front of Cinderella’s Castle in 1991! The cute lil girl is now 23 and the grinning kid with the cool skater haricut is nearly 27 - he and his bride of two years are expecting their first child (a son) any day now! Another Hayes Disney fanatic on the way!


I usually change mine as often as I change rolls of toilet paper but this one’s been on for a while for no other reason than I haven’t bothered to change it. Anyway, mine is DS in the phone booth at United Kingdom. He was doing the Kim Possible challenge and it was part of one of his tasks. He came out with a golf ball! :laugh:


I love The Wizard of Oz. The picture is a play on the ruby slippers.


My Avatar is a picture that inspired my first tattoo.


phayes93: your avatar pic looks like Disney as I remember it when I was growing up. :slight_smile:

My pic is of me about to go in to the MK on my birthday this year. It was the only time in my life that it’s actually been hot on my birthday (which is in January).


I change mine all the time with the holidays, the seasons, or whatever. I like changing them up.


Mine is me at Ohanas (fav place on earth) with the best singer on earth. This was taken in 07 after 2 lupe lupes.


My avatar is NOT a picture of me, at least I hope not.


I love Mickey and I love hockey, esp Mudbug Hockey.

This was a cute idea and thanks for posting over on the log-in thread.:mickey:


Ours is from Sharon’s’ all time favorite movie… The lion King. I believe that it was made by R2G. I believe that we have only had 1 other Avatar prior to that.


Mine’s Mickey, cuz we are Mickeysgirlz! :wub:


I change my avatar a couple times a week but this particular one was just my puppy, Lincoln, being cute. It is a cruddy pic though 'cause it was dark in the room & I only had my cell phone.


My avatar is a picture I took this spring of Angel Oak. The Angel Oak is supposed to be the oldest Live Oak Tree in the East. They estimate the age to be around 1600 years old.

I just thought it was a pretty picture. :happy:


mine is my DD5 rya. she loved getting her face painted that day! she wanted to keep it on for the whole trip…um how am i going to do that:blink:


I love Mickey and love this picture. I NEVER change my avatar, I don’t know why but I just don’t.


I used to change mine quite a bit, but I’ve had my current one for a while now. The castle and fireworks just makes me feel all happy and warm inside it’s…magical:wub: And made especially for me:happy::heart:


My current avatar is a design from a Papyrus card - I’m obsessed with their stuff! :heart: I thought it looked good themeing- and color-wise with my little Alice banner in my signature.

I have a whole collection of avatars saved on my computer. I just need to remember to put up a new one every now and then and I might actually get through them all. :laugh:


Mine is just DH and me last year on our anniversay at WDW… I do change it from time to time…


Mine of course is my MB name. I didn’t know at the time that ‘Dixie’ is a brand of paper plates/tableware and we were at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ when I saw this sign hanging and thought it would be just perfect for MB and my MB name.


I switch my avatar up quite a bit, but most of the time it’s a picture of some combination of my children or our family.