Your best Mom's stories?


So on our trip, we’re taking my younger brother to Mom’s (50’s Prime Time) for his birthday dinner. He’s very small town, so the first time we took him in 2002, he went NUTS over the place. They called him Skippy, and yelled at him to finish his vegetables. He hasn’t stopped talking about it since. He’s coming back, this time with his GF, and he said something about when she went for her birthday, they made her sing Happy Birthday to herself!

We make it a point to go back every time we go to Disney. It’s almost become a tradition. The last time we went, the waiter “Uncle Dave”, called my teenage daughter “Pumpkindoodle”, a nickname she HATED but has stuck to this day.

Anyone have any funny/amusing stories about their meals at Mom’s? Or has anyone ever been for their birthday?


That’s such a cute story. We have never been there.


The best meal we had there was when we went as a party of ten. Our best friends have 3 boys the same ages as ours, so we had four teen boys and two young boys. The four teens actually sat there and colored!!! The waitress gave each one of them a cute nickname, like Scooter, Cubby, etc! Each one laughed at the other’s name, then we spent the rest of the trip referring to each boy as the name they got in PTC.

We have been there for a birthday too. It was great fun. They brought out a dessert and sang, but not before teasing the birthday boy about finishing his meal! (They threatened to put whipped cream on his uneaten veggies!)


I’ve never been there, Pete wanted to try it yesterday, but it was booked. Is this worth making a PS?


It’s a lot of fun if you’re in the mood for teasing. Not everyone likes that sort of thing. Some people prefer a quiet meal. If that’s you then don’t go. If you like to be silly then you’ll probably like it.


This is so true. The first time we went we knew what to expect and were ready for some fun. And we had a ball. The next year we made a PS again, but I went with a terrible headache and cold. The last thing I felt like doing was playing along. It isn’t fun when you’re not in the mood.


I love this place!!! :slight_smile:

Last time we went, I was “Princess” and my brother was “Junior”. Our waiter Cousin (somebody… oh no! how horrible of me! I can’t remember his name! :ohmy:) was great… he brought me and my brother (both teenagers too, ddoll!) stuff to color and made sure my dad finished all his veggies. I made him an origami bird out of a napkin (unused!) and he put it up on one of the shelves! :slight_smile:


too cool pj…I wonder if it still there!?


I wondered that too! I kinda doubt it, but I’d get such a warm & fuzzy feeling if I walked in and my origami napkin was still on the shelf! :slight_smile:


We went quite some time ago and nothing happened. I liked the decor of the place…I really like the 50’s style and it was neat to eat in your own little kitchen. Our waitress didn’t interact with us above being just our waitress though. Maybe next time.


Next time I go to MGM I’ll look for it and report back:mickey:


lol thanks!! :slight_smile:


Last trip, DD (she was 17) and I ate there and our “Uncle” was great! There was a large family at a table next to us. Some of the kids in that family were horsing around and one of them used his straw to shoot a spitball and it landed in my DD’s iced tea!

WELL! Our “Uncle” went to their table and made the kid come over and apologize before he could have any dessert! We all had a good laugh about it. In fact, we spent much of the rest of the evening with that family at MGM.


Was there before children with DW and I got scolded for not taking my hat off at the table - they will never have to tell me to claen my plate though :blink: . I can’t wait to take DD and DS to see how they react to the banter.


Last May we went to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe during Star Wars Weekend. My friend Natalie and her two teenage kids had never been before. Our waiter? Uncle Dave. Uncle Dave immediately singles out Natalie’s daughter, because her elbows are on the table. He shows us a viewmaster, and asks if we know what it is. He explains it’s a 1952 Nintendo 64. :laugh:

Turns out it’s the dessert menu. Tres cute!! Natalie’s son gets renamed “Spanky”, and even my teenage daughter gets her share. I get scolded when I ask for ice water and don’t say please, and Uncle Dave playfully refuses to answer my BF when he asks “Uncle Dave, where were you all last year?” . Natalie is giggling nonstop, and her daughter is trying to get out of being picked on, and then her son announces that it was his sister’s birthday yesterday. We were made to say hi to our “cousins” at the next table as well. A little later on into the meal, one woman got in trouble, so she was made to stand against the wall with her nose to the wall, and we all told her “Naughty naughty naughty!” She was then told to apologize, when she said she had, but it wasn’t loud enough. She was laughing though, and Natalie and the kids were just stunned. One other guy was made to do “I’m a Little Teapot”, and a woman wouldn’t eat her vegetables, so their “Big Brother” scooped em up and did the airplane noise. It was a complete riot (I lucked out as I got a Chicken Ceaser Salad). The food was great, and Natalie insisted they had to bring her parents back there.

And the icing on the cake of the lunch? Uncle Dave called my then 13 year old “too cool” daughter “Pumpkindoodle”. Pretty harmless, right? She HATED it… so what do I do? smirk we harassed her nonstop calling her “Pumpkindoodle” every chance we get. She wasn’t REALLY upset about it, though. The next morning, Playhouse Disney was on TV and there was this orange little blob talking and she goes “Is that what I am? THAT looks like a Pumpkindoodle”, of course which launched us into it all over again. It was funny. But the lunch was fantastic, and it’s an absolute MUST on every trip now.


Wow dementia, that sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I should try to book that for me and Pete and John for SWW.


If they made me stand in corner I would probably cry! And DH might deck somebody if they tried to make him sing…better avoid that place!!!


I’ve been several times but the best was in 2002. At the time I had long hair and kept it pulled back in a ponytail. For clairfication I am a guy. The waitress looked at me and started yelling at me about how I took the dollar that mom gave me for my haircut and spent it on candy instead.


When my partner and I went there last December, we got Cousin Charlie as our server. He first accused of never calling “Mom” anymore, then brought a woman at the next table her unfinished green beans back with whipped cream and sprinkles saying that “Mom” said she had to eat her veggies “one way or another” if she wanted dessert. The place is just too cute. Had a great time there.


I knew the rules for the Prime Time before we went in, but I failed to tell anyone else. So I sat there with my arms off the table as our server scolded everyone else for bad manners. He then pulled up a chair and proceeded to lecture everyone about their manners at Mom’s table, elbows off the table, clean your plate or no dessert and so on. The looks on their faces were priceless and he tagged my son with the nickname “sparky”. I still zing him with that once in a while, but it always brings a smile to his face.