Your favorite Disney


I am not a huge fan of Disney princesses, as a rule. I am more partial to the animal characters, as my children are. BUT, I do love Gisselle :wub: (Enchanted). I like the fact that she acts like a princess, but is also a real girl. I also like that she was ok with the fact that her true love was NOT a real prince!

Are there any Enchanted characters, shows, ANYTHING at WDW?:ohmy:

Who is YOUR favorite princess, and WHY?


cinderella is my favorite disney princess i met her last couple days ago.


My favorite princess is Snow White. She has such cool roommates.:wub:


I voted Ariel . . . she’s my DDs fav . . . I :heart::mickey:! :happy:

Gisselle is really cool too, Enchanted is one of my favorite movies.

I thought she was doing a meet and greet, and I think she was in a parade once upon a time . . . maybe ROWDY can help you with that one! :happy:


I picked sleeping Beauty. I always wanted to be Brair Rose when I was a little grl.


This is a tough one. I just love Belle but ever since Enchanted came out I am a huge fan of Giselle!! So for now, I’ll vote for Giselle.


Giselle is my pic…ever since I saw the movie…


I love Cinderella because she is the kindest of all the princesses, and I believe having kindness in your heart is the most important quality one can have.


I live Ariel, mostly because The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies.


I voted for Sleeping Beauty because I’ve always loved Aurora, this was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child. She had a dress that changed pretty colors, the Fairies were so funny and sweet, I love the gorgeous woody scenery, and I always swore I would name my first born girl Aurora. :smile:


Sometimes it’s Ariel, sometimes its Belle . . . today it was Ariel!


Yay Ariel!!! It was close for her and Snow White, actually.


Even though I like them all I had to pick Cinderella after all who wouldn’t want to live in a castle


Snow White is my favorite princess because I love everything about her! When I was a little girl, I was never really into princesses, I was more into like Peter Pan and Robin Hood as my favorite characters. But I absolutely loveeee Snow White, she’s so beautiful, and friendly, and gentle and sweet. She loves to care for people, and animals, and sing a little song while at it! She’s just so gentle and welcoming, I really relate to that!

I also love Ariel, she was a BIGGGG favorite of mine growing up. She’s so bold, and friendly, and adventurous! She was really the first princess to me that had both sides that related to me, a sweet gentle girly side, and then also a totally awesome exciting adventure seeker side! :]