Your favorite pool


Hi! I am wondering what your favorite DW pool is and why?! Of the ones I have been to (POR, POFQ, FW, CS, ASMovies) my favorite is POFQ-I love the mardi gras theme and the walkway to the hot tub with wrought iron fencing!:happy: :happy:


the fort wilderness pool due to the fact only resort i have stayed at.


We love Stormalong Bay at Beach Club. It’s huge and the sand makes it unlike other pools. There’s a small lazy river, a circular area with a strong current to pull you around, a great kiddie area with shallow water and tons of sand, and just plenty of room to spread out.


Have not stayed at the Yaght & Beach Club yet… but from pics I have seen, the pool is pretty cool. Sand on the bottom.

My kids love any pool with a slide…


I love the pool at CSR - it’s big and has great themeing. And it is beautiful at night. Plus they have the biggest hot tub on property, and you can practically swim in that too! The quiet pools at CSR are also nice.


Our favorite pool of all the Disney resorts is storm-along bay. It is large, the sand on the bottom makes you feel like you are at the beach. While it does have a deep section, most of the pool is around 4 feet deep, which I like as I do not swim. They also have a neat slide into the pool.


Does the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon count?? :laugh: I love that pool!! But it does get crowded.

My favourite hotel pool is a tie between Polynesian or Wilderness Lodge. Simple because of the theming that surrounds them.

If I had to choose though I think Wilderness Lodge :happy:



I love the Volcano Pool at the Poly!


I love the private island pools at CBR because they’re always empty and make you feel very secluded. I also love the pool at the Beach Club. It’s a sand bottom, HUGE pool. It’s like being in a really clean large body of water. :slight_smile:


Boardwalk’s Keister Coaster makes that pool terrifically fun!!!


I love the pool at POR, but Stormalong Bay has to be the best. It’s so well done and it’s so huge, you could be there all day and not be bored. And Beaches and Cream being right beside is a plus too :laugh:


That is so true. We never get bored at Stormalong Bay, there’s always a new place to explore. There is also a CM who organizes games for the kids, teens, and adults to play. He set up pool volleyball one afternoon and there was a group of kids and adults having a great time playing.


The Dig Site at Coronado Springs!!


POFQ has the nicest looking pool, but I would rather go to CS. I have found it to be less crowded and you can’t beat the slide there.


I would probably say CSR of all that I have stayed at.


Stormalong cannot be beaten if you’re looking for a “mini” waterpark and have kids. It’s amazing.

But - my kids are grown and one trip to Typhoon Lagoon every couple of years is good enough for me - so, my favourite pool is the “Froggy” quiet pool at SSR. :laugh: (I call it the froggy pool because of the frog fountains around it). It’s always quiet, it’s situated so that you can watch the boats travel up and down the Sassagoula and you can even watch the fireworks at Pleasure Island if you’re having a late night swim.


Animal Kingdom Lodge.:goofybounce:


Stormalong Bay is my personal favorite. Although the only time I stayed at Yacht and Beach Club they had to do an emergency rehab and shut it down for a week. So, to this day I have still never been in the pool. Taking a second choice and the one we use the most is probably Coronado.


The volcano pool at the Polynesian. I love the theme, the the jets in the back, the view from the pool, and it has a great slide too.


out of all the places we have stayed at so far in Disney I would have to say that WL’s pool has so far been the best by far. I kinda like the look of the one at the Poly though and would like to have a swim there. When we had our honeymoon at the Poly it was pre the refurb and update so it was completely different when we were there to as it is now.