Your Favorite rides and why :)


well like most of us i like alot of rides but there are the few that stand out as my favorites.

  1. pirates, it has always been a ride that ahead of its time to me(tech wise) ground breaking, the whole story board behind it and the music/songs, ive just never seen anything to compare

  2. haunted, not as teckie as pirates but the haunted house thing is cool idea

  3. jungle, i like getting in that boat, doesnt seem like your even on a ride, i feel like im just heading out on a boat ride with a jokester for a skipper, all that water and tree’s, very nice

  4. indy and hollywood hotel, both of these i like more for the things to look at before the ride even starts, to me you can tell a disney park lover if you see them taking in whats around them, all the things that put you in the mood for your adventure.

there are rides that are long gone that would be on my list but i thought i’d keep it more up to date.


Haunted Mansion: this has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and riding it everytime brings me back!

Pirates: see above!

Mission Space: I always wanted to be an astronaut when I was growing up, and this experience is the next best thing!

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: I never got to ride this as a child, the lines were always, ALWAYS enormous! But when I invent my time machine, I’ll go back and ride it to my heart’s content! Oh, and you are ALL invited!! :cool:


Space Mountain 'cause it’s a classic that makes me happy, happy, happy!!!


cool thread! I love this kind of thing.
I love the Disneyland Railroad - our tradition is to ride it around the park first thing every trip.
Indiana Jones - ROCKS!
Jungle Cruise - I :heart: puns!
Pirates of the Caribbean - is full of themeing and I see something new every time I ride it!


Indy. Of course. :happy:

Because it’s perfect.


I cant really say that I have a true “favorite” ride at the resort but if I had to absolutley choose I would say my first rides that I hit when in the parks are:
The Haunted Mansion (I love the set designs, the architecture of the Manison, the music is great, and the over all story line is awesome)
Splash Mountain (Its just a great ride)
Space Mountain (What a rush!)
Indiana Jones (I just love it…thats all I can really say about that, lol)
The Main Street Vehicles (I love going for a leasurely ride down good ol’ Main Street USA)
Pirates of the Carribean (To put it simply its an awesome rides…period)
Another few favorites I love riding are: Tower of Terror, The Maliboomer, Grizzley River Run, The Sun Wheel, California Screamin, The Maliboomer, and Monsters Inc (I love the architecture of the rides, the music, the themes, the views that some of them provide, and their just really awesome rides) :smile: But like I said I love just about every ride within the resort but theses are the ones I usually will hit first.


For me it is Splash Mountain. You have some fun cartoonish good times as you ride leisurely through a vivid storyline… And then comes your laughing place! :tongue: The songs are pleasant and I don’t mind humming or singing them forever! :cool:

Pirates is up there too… It is just an awesome immersion and the Pirates Life for Me song is a total keeper… :wink:


soarin’ because i can roam free


OH, how could I??? I completely forgot to include Soarin’ Over California in my list! How dare I…arrr. Thanks for reminding me Jeany! :smile:


Me too Tessa!! We always ride the train when we get there on the first day! Oh and I love all the rides you said too!


I guess I’ll take this park by park:

MK: Big Thunder Railroad b/c it was my FAVORITE ride as a child and I still find it just as exciting as when I was younger. The theming is so convincing and it’s a classic that just defines Disney.


MGM: I am going to have to say ToT. The unpredictable nature of the falls just keeps me interested! I also love the sense of doom that is created as soon as you walk up to the attraction.

Animal Kingdom: It’s a tie between Kali River Rapids and Kilimanjaro. Where else in the US can you experience something like Kilamanjaro?!?!

DL park: DEFINATELY PIRATES, without a doubt!! I am nervous about how I will feel after the change. We’ll see.

DCA: I know this sounds silly but I LOVE the Boudin Bakery where you get to see the secrets of making Sourdough bread, it used to be hosted by Rosie O’Donnell but I am not sure now. I LOVE sourdough bread!


Tessa, I agree with you. These things are a blast! Anyway, my favorites are:


  1. Pirates (because I, too, wants the Red’ead)
  2. Soarin over California (Can you smell the oranges?)
  3. Splash Mountain (because my DW ALWAYS gets soaked)
  4. Big Thunder Mountain (it’s the wildest ride in the wilderness)
  5. Space Mountain (love the rush)
  6. California Screamin’ (one of the smoothest coasters ever)


  1. Mission Space (any ride that might induce puking has to be fun)
  2. Test Track (a total blast for that need for speed)
  3. Rockin Rollercoaster (Aerosmith & loops? How much better can it get)
  4. Buzz Lightyear (Love the target practice)
  5. Philharmagic (totally spellbinding and magical, indeed)


What a tough choice!

I think that Space Mt. is my all time favorite! For some reason every time that I ride it, it seems to be faster than the last!

I love taking a spin around the park on the railroad as well, especially on those super busy days when your feet are killing you!

At DCA one of my faves is actually the Sun Wheel. Mostly because every time I ride it someone I’m riding with freaks out and it makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts!


I" really need to find some way to convince Disneyland execs that it would be a good idea to let me live in Walt’s old apartment in the park… "

i like this, but i’d like to live in the one they where making for him that they turned into the art gallery…my friends always say space mountain is going slower or faster(never the same lol) i wonder if any of that is true


Here is my FAVORITE ride:RnR!!! It was not my favorite ride until last year. I LOVE it now.:heart: Last year, I went on it 3 times (2 in a row, 1 later)! I don’t know why I love it so much, I just love it.:happy: