Your Favorite WDW Park


I have a favorite WDW park. Everyone does, I think. So, list them in order from your favorite to your least favorite. Tell us why.
1 The Magic Kingdom (it had EVERYTHING fun!)
2 Epcot (I like the rides & science)
3 The Animal Kingdom (I like some things but not as much fun)
4 Disney Studios (very few things here that I enjoy)

  1. Magic Kingdom (who doesn’t love just seeing that castle)
  2. EPCOT (there are good rides and i love walking around the world)
  3. Hollywood Studio’s (good ride and good shows)
  4. Animal Kingdom (great enviroment, good attractions, but it is too big)

  1. Magic Kingdom (encompasses EVERYTHING Disney!!)
  2. EPCOT (I just love walking the countries)
  3. Hollywood Studios (like some of the rides and not too much walking)
  4. Animal Kingdom (too much walking!!)

  1. MK
  2. Ak/EP
  3. Ep/AK
  4. HS

  1. Epcot - Frankly, I could spend my entire trip here, if I thought the family would allow me
  2. Magic Kingdom - everyone feels like a kid again
  3. Animal Kingdom - actually my youngest DS favorite - he wants to work there someday
  4. Disney Studios

  1. MK and epcot are tied with me…love them both
  2. AK…enjoy seeing the animals and this is my son’s fave park
  3. Studios…nice but we dont do alot here


Definately Epcot! World showcase mostly. I also enjoy MK, mostly because I see how happy it makes my children! Who wouldn’t rank that as #1!

  1. Epcot…my twin sis and I adored this park when we went in ‘99. We went back several times during our trip and enjoyed it morning, noon, and night. And that was pre-Test Track, Mission Space, and Soarin’!

  2. Magic Kingdom…the first time I saw the castle in '93 I had to pinch myself to believe that I was really in Walt Disney World. And my Mom finally got to ride a teacup at the age of 47!

  3. Animal Kingdom…pleasantly surprised by this park in '99. Loved the Safari, Dinosaur, and It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

  4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios…last visit was pre-RnRC and Fantasmic! After ToT, there didn’t seem to be a lot to do. Don’t yell at me…but I must say I found Universal Studios way more entertaining with Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies, E.T. Adventure, Twister…Ride It Out, etc. I truly hope our trip this September will make a believer out of me.

  1. MK - it’s Disney World!
  2. HS - it’s a fun park
  3. Epcot
  4. AK - it was so hot the day we were there and too much walking. I hope we can give it a better chance this time.


Ok, mine is like most

  1. MK since it reminds me of childhood
  2. EP
    3 HS
    4 AK


!. MK/EP
2. AK/HS

Double tie!:laugh:


#1) MK - The original and still the best!
#2) HS - The dynamic duo (RnR & ToT) plus great vintage Hollywood theming!
#3) EP - Really like Msn:Space & Turtle Talk; Soarin is highly overrated; WS is cool, but can be way too much walking
#4) AK - I like EE and the live shows, but this still seems like a “half-day park” to me, and I’ve learned a lot more about the park for every trip we take.

  1. MK = This one needs no explination
  2. AK = Expedition Eversest is my favourite ride in WDW (At the moment) :laugh:
  3. HS = TOT+RnRC
  4. EP = I realy didn’t give it a chance, not that I could of. I realy want to go back to EP and give it a full day to see the wonder.

  1. Magic Kingdom - Its just the best. Disney magic everywhere
  2. EPCOT - Great rides and great food
  3. Animal Kingdom - I think this is one of the most relaxed parks Disney has
  4. Disney Studios - love the thrill rides but after that its just kinda…eh to me


I’m glad you brought that up. I haven’t been to Universal in several years. But, I remember thinking it was much better then Disney’s MGM (what it was called back then). I need to revisit Universal to see how I feel about it now. Perhaps, we can go before the summer of 2009. I will need to check into that.

  1. MK - gotta love the original park.
  2. Epcot - so much for everyone.
  3. AK - we love animals.
  4. DHS - Fantasmic is my favorite show.

  1. Studios–I just love feeling like I’ve walked back in time when I walk into that park!
  2. MK–It’s just sooo fun and magical!
  3. Epcot–Soarin’ is my favorite ride!
  4. AK–It’s just not that fun to me . . .


MK and Epcot are tied with me…but if I had to break the tie I’d say I liked MK better, only cause that was where I worked. :wub: It’s like home!

HS is REALLY losing its novelty with me. There’s just not enough to do there, these days.

AK is last, because I can be in an out of there in like, 5 hours or less. There’s fun stuff, just not enough of it and certainly not enough thats worth an 80 dollar ticket. :ohmy:


my favorite park would have to be Hollywood studios
followed by the Magic Kingdom
then Epcot
and finally Animal Kingdom^_^

my favorite hotel is the boardwalk :slight_smile:


We actually decided not to take a day trip to US this year because they retired a lot of my favorite attractions…Back to the Future, Alfred Hitchock, etc. But, we do plan on visiting in 2010 when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens at UofA. I’ll see how I like the changes at US then. In the meantime, DHS looks as if it has improved dramatically since '99. We’ll see in less than three weeks!:biggrin: