Your First Time


When was your first time to WDW and what sticks out as the biggest memory of that trip? Mine was in the Winter of 1973 and since I was only 2 I don’t remember much but everyone says I was scared of MM. My first memory would have to be the from 1979 and getting a scare from the witch in Snow White.


My first trip was in 1982. The only thing I can really remember from that trip was riding 20Kleagues with my Dad…the rest is a serious blur.


My first trip was in July 1980. I was 7, soon to be 8. I was with my family (mom, dad and brother) and my Disney-crazed aunt and uncle. I remember it being VERY HOT mostly, but I also remember meeting one character–“Honest John,” the fox from Pinocchio.


What a fun thread! My first trip was in 1976 when I was 7, and we camped at Fort Wilderness in a huge canvas tent. I recall enjoying the major attractions such as POTC, Space Mountain, and Jungle Cruise, but one thing stuck with me. We visited River Country, and I had to be “assisted” by one of the lifeguards after sliding down one of the flume rides. Apparently I was a bit too tired to be swimming that far on my own. I’m not traumatized by the experience, but I do remember it! :pinch:


Mine was 1974 . . . I was 3! I don’t have many memories, but there are a few pictures . . . there is one of Mickey tickling me and I’m always told this story:

“When you were little we got you a BIG mickey head balloon:mickey:, which you let go of, and then while watching it fly away you walked SMACK into a lamp post on Main Street!” :blink:

Maybe that’s why I don’t remember the trip? :laugh:


My first time was May of 2007 at age 28…I grew up in Florida and always dreamed of going as a kid. We moved to Ohio and now all grown up, I promised my kids I would take them since I never had the chance to go. My first memories that stick out are just pulling through the welcome sign thinking “finally made it”…I busted my butt working 2 jobs to pay for the trip and just seeing the looks on my kids faces and my DH (he had a rough childhood) was the best!!! It was great just to feel the magic the entire week! All GREAT memories!!! It’s just amazing!


Mom must have bought a tun of those balloons because I still had some years later before our second trip. :smile:


The first time I went to Disneyland was right after coming to America in 1982.
I didn’t get to go to WDW until 1999


My first trip was in 1979 when I was 10. I remember using the E Tickets to get on each ride/attraction and waiting in the long hot lines (we went in the summer). The Indy cars, teacups and Haunted Mansion were the highlights of my trip. My Grandpa took me and he always said he wanted to go back and visit again and stay in the Contemporary but we never did.

The second time I went was in 1997 with my own family and as soon as I walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom, I was filled with memories from childhood.


My first trip to WDW was when I was 13. My parents & I were invited to go with family friends. They included us in an all inclusive resort (Contemporary) & Park invitation. They were being interviewed by USA Today. They were pictured on the front page with an inside feature article. Everything was paid for, and it was awesome. We were all gathered in front of the Castle with Mickey, Minnie, & Donald Duck. We were NOT in the photo, but were allowed to be there with our friends. We got all the perks. It is my moms best friend, and she said she would only do it IF we were allowed to join them. That is a trip I will never forget. The one thing I do forget is exactly why they were chosen. It had something to do with traveling to WDW each and every year for a certain number of times since its opening. At the time it was a big deal.


My first time was in October of 1984, I was five. I remember a surprising amount, here are the highlights:

  • My ears hurt unbelievably bad on the flight down and I cried most of the way (fortunately we had been bumped off our earlier flight and put in first class for a later flight so there weren’t many people around. It was the first and ONLY time I’ve flown first class!)

  • It’s A Small World, Journey Into Imagination and the 3:00 Parade (a 50th birthday parade for Donald Duck) were my favorite things and pretty much all I wanted to do. I still remember the Happy Birthday parade song.

  • I remember getting breakfast in a cafeteria style place under the mural at the Contemporary that is still there (the one with all the children from around the world or something like that)

  • I was terrified of anything remotely scary and my parents tried to trick me into going on Big Thunder by telling me that I had to choose between Big Thunder or the Haunted Mansion or they would leave me with a babysitter (nice, huh? :tongue: ) and I surprised them by choosing HM because I figured that Mickey would not want to scare anyone.

  • We ate dinner at the restaurant at the top of the Contemporary which had a crazy, glitzy dinner show at the time. It was super fancy for us.

  • We watched the Electrical Water Parade every night.

  • I remember waiting outside in line for a character breakfast on the Empress Lily (now Fulton’s) where Mickey Mouse stole my Cabbage Patch Kid and ran around with her. I also loved the toy store they had at Lake Buena Vista.

Though now my ears don’t hurt as bad on the way there, I usually don’t do a character meal, Donald Duck is way older than 50 and I ride all the rides, scary or not, two things from that trip have stayed the same: I still love It’s a Small World and I still feel just as sad when I leave WDW as I did when we left after that first trip. I cried hysterically all the way out of the hotel and to the airport - a true Disney World fan was born! :wub:


I went in 1993, and I remember feeling a little guilty because we had so much fun… but we had travelled without the kids, and I felt guilty!


My first trip was 11/1996 - I was 34 years old - HollyLynne was 6 - MissSMIG was 3 and DH was 36 - first time for all four of us.

I remember walking into Magic Kingdom and there was a crowd of people lined up on main street I had no idea what was going on. I asked someone and they told me they were waiting for spectomagic so we waited to watch it - I also remember seeing a HUGE cake - it was the castle…

Also remember our first meal in DISNEY @ Tony’s - I guess that’s why we always go to Tony’s to eat.


My first trip was shortly after WDW opened in the fall of 1971. I was an infant. OK, I lie, I was 9. :whistling
I went with my neighbors and we drove up in the morning (it’s a 3 hour drive), spent the day and drove home that night.
I remember eating at Pinocchios and watching through the window at the people on Small World. It was pouring down rain and we were stuck in there a while.
I remember the carousel, the Diamond Horseshoe Review, Country Bears the Jungle Cruise and Mr. Toad!

At that time there was no Space, Splash or Big Thunder Mountain. :eek:


My first trip was in 96. What sticks out the most was that we felt like everyone there knew what they were doing but us.

I fixed that.

  1. I was around 8 years old. I went with my mom, her best friend and her best friends son. We stayed in Kissimmee at a low budget joint. Actually a very scary place.

The most memorable thing about that trip was losing the rental car in Magic Kingdom’s parking lot. We rented a White Chevy Chevelle and at the time it was the most popular car and color. There must have been 50 of them in the area we parked. We kept putting the key in each door until we found ours. A real nightmare to say the least.

Here’s a pic…I’m on the right.


Mine was 1991- I had wanted to visit the United States from being a very small child and it was everything as wonderful to me as I had imagined.
As for WDW my first impactual memory is crossing the seven seas lagoon and seeing ‘the castle’ in all her glory- it brought a tear to my eye I can tell you!


My first trip was in 1976 when I was 6 years old. My most memorable moment was that I was not tall enough to side Space Mountain. I was so upset that I was crying. I wanted to ride with my brothers. Little did I know that I would grow up to ride it more times than I can count.


What an awesome thread! My first visit was Summer 1976, I was 6 months old. SO naturally I remember nothing. My parents only ever took us on day trips when staying in Daytona for the week. We went to Daytona every year from the time I was 4 unitl 15 so I went to WDW every year for a day. The biggest thing I remember is being so excited at 6AM when we would leave Daytona and sleeping all the way back that night. I also remember 20.000 Leagues and touring Epcot before it was finished.

My first on-site stay was March 2003. We stayed at CBR for 4 days. We fell in love with it! My parents regretted never staying on site with us as kids after this visit. Since then we’ve tried to go back every year. I distinctly remember Emilie’s face when she saw the castle, I will never forget that!


My first visit was for my 29th birthday. I was 7 months pregnant with DD and I felt that was where we had to go for vacation because I had always wanted to go and it would probably be 5 years before I felt comfortable taking DD.

I remember loving Honey I Shrunk the Audience, but had to bow out of going on a second time during our visit because I felt a little sick and needed to rest. I remember not making any PS and trying to find one. Luckily we stopped in Guest Relations at MGM and a nice CM called around until he found us one at Marrakesh - and we LOVED it!