YOUR local school district spring break


After reading the college spring break thread several times, I’m wondering what school districts around the nation do for their spring break. So, if you know, and if you care to share, when is your local school district’s spring break?

Ours is March 31 - April 4 (which is why we’re going that week :happy: )



ours starts palm sunday and ends easter sunday. strange - we have it the 3rd week of march every year, easter just happens to fall during it this time.

as a church worker, i am wondering how to plan - usually we are packed easter sunday - kinda wondering if it’ll affect attendance. definitley makes us NOT able to go anywhere for spring break this year - at least not on the weekends. bummer.


March 20th - 30th classes resume on 31st


Here in Central Texas ours is the week of March 17th. We usually have it the week before every year, kind of late for us this year.


Our district gives good friday and the day after easter off, that’s it. If we have unused snow days, they will be added, but since they have used 6 of the 11 days already, I don’t think they’ll have any extras this year.


We don’t get one. Since we don’t incorporate snow days into our calendar they are off for Good Friday till Tuesday after Easter, but no week off.


so you guys get no spring break???


We have two weeklong breaks… one is in the second half of February, and the other is in the second half of April!

So much for “New Jersey Week”


wow - when do you get out of school for the year?

we start middle of august and go through end of may (very rarely into 1st few days of june). we get a week in march (3rd week), and just 2 days in october for fall break.


Not really… just a few days around Easter… we have already had 5 or 6 snow days


We are the the 1st week of April and that is when we are going to WDW and on a Disney Cruise!!!

I can’t imagine a district having to spring break at all!


We get out the third week of June!!! It’s horrible! I have always wanted them to just give us one single week of vacation for spring, and then let the poor kids out earlier in the summer. They are totally not getting a thing out of school by the time the end of June rolls around! The town pool has been open almost a month by that time! Can you imagine??? :pinch:


yeah, that would be bad! we used to start after labor day, but it seems to be getting earlier and earlier. i think it won’t be long before they try for year round! (we have it at 2 schools in the district, but they are the only ones so far)


I have even heard from some teachers that a ton of the kids are just totally checked out by the time summer rolls around. And the homework load completely stops by the end of May, so three more weeks in June is nearly a total waste.

When I was a kid, it was very clear – you started the Tuesday after Labor Day, and you ended the Friday before Memorial Day. Simple! And it made for a great long lazy summer!


Our spring break is April 3 - the 14th. We used to have a “mid winter recess” in February, that was a week long, but now, its only 2 days. :frowning:


Week of April 7th to 11th.


As of right now HollyLynne is due to graduate on June 6th, but that can change depending on the amount of snow days we have so the last day of school for us is the same day as graduation.


Isn’t that interesting? We are both in Michigan, and we have totally different breaks. :huh:

We get out in Mid June too.


Our break is always the last week of March.


I have to say that I honestly do not know…how horrible is that? I will have to check with DD when she gets home,but I am almost certain it’s the week after easter like it is every year, so when ever easter is, it’s that week. When is easter this year?