Your MB Name


Ok here’s one for ya. For what reason did you choose your Disney/MB login?

I love hockey and we have a local team called the “Mudbugs” that we whole heartedly support.
I’m also Disneynut with Mickey Mouse being my fav.


Here’s a long explanation for you, My name is Walter , Wally is the name I’ve gone by growing up . I have a habit of shortening a name (Kelly , the DW I call Kell ) …and so on. So naturally I am called Wall by everyone .


DH and I were married at the Poly back in 2002…so we were: WEDINDISNEY


“When You Wish Upon a Star” is one of my favorite Disney songs of all time and ever since I was little, still do it to this day, if I am outside at night I always make a wish on the brightest star in the sky. They always come true too! :heart: :smile:


We’re a family of 3 girls, we love Disney and I love Mickey, so we are Mickeysgirlz


Hey “Wish” … Walk outside tonight and ask for Wall to wake up in Disney World tomorrow … and a endless supply of $ !!! :laugh:


These are great. Everyone has something interesting about themselves that leads them to Disney. Keep um coming!


I guess ours will be a little boring. It is the first 3 letters of our names. Tim and Sharon. It goes way back to our first computer / internet connection, which was a dial up and only allowed 1 E-mail address, we just started using it jointly, and it just stuck ever since.


I’m a goofball pretty much all of the time. That’s about it. No deep, heart-wrenching story here.


I can be dopey, just ask my fellow moderators :blush:


For me it’s my two girls first three letters of there names Kellie and Jennifer


kippage - n. commotion, confusion, excitement.
(= Me.)

It’s also slang for a nap, and the word for a ship’s crew, but I’m ignoring those meanings.


Ummm. I’ve a DVC Member named Mike?



I’m an artist who’s favorite thing to do is go get messy making beautiful things with sidewalk chalk. And I’m pretty keen on Mary Poppins so. A ‘screever’ I am. :slight_smile:


Screever isn’t another word for ‘wet blanket?’ :huh:

KIDDING!!! :laugh::laugh::tongue::heart:


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;970061]Screever isn’t another word for ‘wet blanket?’ :huh:

KIDDING!!! :laugh::laugh::tongue::heart:[/QUOTE]

Oh my gosh, when am I a wet blanket? :laugh::blink:


Is that a retorical question? :laugh: [KIDDING again :tongue:]

haha, you said in another thread, “I don’t mean to be a wet blanket but…” or something to that degree:laugh:


Ok, My dh has a larger nose (I think it is perfect) but we always joked about it, and I ended up loving Pinnochio because it reminded me of him (he however, is always truthful!!!). I just shortened it to Nokeynose because it is cuter! there you have it!


Where does Nokey come from though?


Back in the mid 80’s when we 1st went to Disney World. We were enjoying the Magic Kingdom and started going on all the rides in fantasy land. I guess it was one of those nights we were acting alittle silly when we rode “MR Toads wild ride”. We had a great time even if it was not one of the greatest or best rides. It brings back wonderful memorys of WDW. So being that my name is William I just make it “mrwillswildride”.:goofybounce: