Your opinions, please


We are traveling with first timers who leave after 10 days; we are staying an additional 2 days and we seem to have some extra TS credits. We would like to try a signature meal that we have not had before and we would like your recommendations. We have done so far: Narcoosees, California Grill and Yachtsman’s Steakhouse. We have also done CRT, and will not go back.

Please tell me which ones you have enjoyed, for food and overall setting. It will be myself, DH, DD12 and DS11, both of whom are good eaters!



Although we have never been, what about Victoria and Alberts? I have heard wonderful things about it, and it would be something new for you to try.


CG was absolutely excellent in every way. The food, the service, the view… and all followed by a private viewing area for fireworks at the end of the evening. It was beyond expectations, and we loved our evening.


I know you said you’ve done California Grill, and you would like to do something different, but we’ve done it twice, and I would go back in a heartbeat!


Bistro de Paris upstairs in France. It is well worth the money spent. This is DW’s favorite. Much more upscale fare than downstairs. And the service is only beat by V&A.


they don’t take Table credits though. Is that the question? I am too tired to read the entire first post. Just saw that there were some table credits left over :sleeping:


This is what I was going to suggest. I’ve heard really good things about Bistro de Paris!


How about a dinner/show? We love the Hoop De Doo Review. It isn’t gourmet food by any means: fried chicken/BBQ ribs, salad, strawberry shortcake. But it is good and the show is so funny, my kids insist on coming here every trip. Fun for everyone and all you can eat/drink. Wine and beer included.


Oh well there you go then, yes she wants to use leftover credits. I don’t really know much about what restaurants take or don’t take credits. I have only used the dining plan once, so I clearly have no idea what I am talking about. :redface::laugh: