Your thoughts about Cape May


Well after much planning we have decided that we need another dinner ADR

we will be leaving animal kingdom around 6pm we Will have had dinner on another evening at tusker house and don’t Fancy yak and yeti. So we are thinking about going to cape may my DW enjoys buffets as she is a picky eater. (DW is not keen on spicy food)

We are booking chef mickey, crystal palace and 1900 park fare.

I would be interested in your thoughts about cape may

thank you


Cape May is my favorite buffet.

They have great seafood, steaks, and ribs. The side dishes are great.

I don’t feel as though their dessert selection is as large as many other buffets, but I find that that way we eat more real food!

I think you will enjoy it!


We went two years ago and loved it! They were serving the all you can eat crab legs then and if memory serves me correctly clams! It was terrific! Oh yeah and tehy made this terrific brocoli slaw! mmmmmm!!!


We are going for the first time in Sept. because I have heard so many great reviews. I think it’s going to be really yummy.


I love Cape May. I just dont like trying to get my kids away from the clam bar. They could sit there and eat clams all day :laugh:


We enjoy Cape May very much. While we do not go every trip, we have been many times. They have a good variety of selections, and they keep it coming. We were there one year at closing time (very rare for us to eat that late), but they kept things full. Nothing ran out.


I can’t eat clams, but I love it there!!


Love Cape May and go there at least once every trip! In addition to the clam bake fare there is usually a pasta dish, ribs, a carved meat usually flank steak!! Clam chowder is great! Love the desserts be sure to try the oreo bon bons!!


WOW it has got my taste buds going ,you all have sold it to me it’s on our list to book.

thank so much:wub:


Ate there a number of times. Always good food. A few years back we had reservations for 8PM. After waiting until after 9PM, and still not seated, we left and went back to the food court at Pop Century.


I like breakfast better than dinner.
Last time we did dinner there, I felt there was a lot missing.


Sorry to here you had to Waite so long subvetss-

so soundgod- what was it that was missing - people have said the desert table is not as good as some other buffet, was the atmosphere good?

we have already agreed breakfast at 1900 PF and CP, we are just looking for some were we have not been to for dinner after our visit to AK