Your very FIRST ride


…when you first get into a park after arriving for your vacation is…what? We always head first to MK, and my first ride has to be either Space Mountain or the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Technically, the first ride is the monorail over to the park, but that doesn’t really count…at least not in my question.


Does the train that goes around MK count? If so, that’s mine. If not, we usually try to hurry up and beat the crowd to Space Mountain and get that done.


Depends on whose year it is to go “first”. If it’s older DD, we’ll go to MGM and Tower of Terror will be our first. If it’s younger DD, it’s Animal Kingdom and the Kilomanjaro Safari. We’re kind of weird, we always love to build up the anticipation of the MK for a couple of days. We usually don’t get there until Day 3. Then it’s straight to Splash Mountain.


We head to Tomorrowland and split up: half on Space Mtn and half on Buzz.


Even though we usually drive 19 hours to Disney, it’s straight to Test Track!


In MK, we head straight to Fantasyland…to the Peter Pan ride. That line tends to get soooo long so we do that first . Then it is across the way to Small World, then back to Dumbo, and the Carousel.


Depending on who’s being nice to who that day, it’s either Haunted Mansion or Peter Pan.


We always go straight to MGM and ride RnR first. Like llama, we don’t usually get to the Mk until the third day. I like saving a full day for that park.


We’re talking about doing something a bit different this trip, but usually we go to EPCOT first. First ride? Spaceship Earth


Actually, we’ve begun a new tradition of not doing a ride first at all. When we go to MK, we get haircuts for the kids at the Main St. Barber.

Usually, while they wait, I go get FP’s for Buzz LightYear.

At Epcot, while SE might not always be the first thing, particularly if we’re expecting crowds, I MUST ride SE at least 3 times every trip.

That has always been and continue to be my favorite ride at Epcot.


Splash Mountain. We go get our fastpasses for BTMRR and then ride Splash 3 or 4 times. We absolutely love this ride.


The first night, we keep it simple. First things first, the monorail! Although, next trip, we’re planning MVMCP for the first night (dinner @ LTT first), so that may change.


It’s always MK for us first, and Space Mountain specifically!
(although, even though it doesn’t count, the monorail is our first ride! I only mention it here because it is personally my favorite ride/attraction in all the parks!!)


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We always go to MK first and straight over to Space Mtn. Then to Philharmagic. Then we just bounce around from land to land trying to find the shortest lines.


grab fast passes for buzz and then space mountain…I know shocking…baloo doesn’t go to jungle cruise first…well, being a pro that I am…I know that it doesn’t open till 10…for some reason…so I hit a bunch of rides till then


I always go to Epcot on the first day. My first ride would probably be Spaceship Earth, unless the line is long. My first PS is always at Garden Grill so we head that direction and see Living Seas next.


In MK we always ride Space Mountain first and MGM we always ride Rock-n-Roller Coaster first.In Epcot always ride Test Track first. In AK we always ride Kilamanjaro Safari first


At MK it’s always Fantasyland for us.