YouTube video


I found this link on another disney forum that i belong to and i wanted to share… it is just too much fun! I love it.

YouTube - The Wolfs Dance Orlando


That was awesome - makes me wish I could do something like that - requires aloooot of planning.


That is so funny and they did a great job with the edit


I totally love that! I wish we had a video of that with our family!


What a fun family. They’ll remember that forever. I wonder if the kids realize what cool parents they have?


That was wonderful! Thanks for posting. My kids and I loved it!


That was a lot of fun to watch!


awesome video, too bad MY stupid laptop can’t make any noise… =(


A really fun and well done video.:goofybounce:


No way in heck could I get my three to do anything like that, but it was really cute.


That was such a great video! Makes me want to get there sooner!!


What a great way to start the week off! Adorable! What a fun family!


They did a great job. Thanks a lot Pixeemom I just spent an hour at work watching Disney ride videos on Youtube. :laugh:


hehehe, i do the same thing!!!
i just put a parade on my FB page and wrote, I MISS DISNEY!!


Very Good


A lot of fun with a lovely family! Thanks.


That was great…I absolutely loved it…I really like the part where one of the boys is wearing an “I don’t do matching shirts”…Too funny!

Thanks for sharing!!!


what a fun family!! thanks for sharing^^


That was too cute. Very well planned. It’s great to let loose and have fun with your family.


cool - and setting the bar high for family fun at Disney…