You've helped me once so here's ? # 2


Ok, so you guys helped me decide to go with CP instead of The Wave. I am very excited about this since we plan on doing the evening EMH that night at MK and will be in a great spot to watch Wishes when we get done with our meal and already be in the park for the start of the EMH.

Now, my new question is…my friend is giving this reservation to me that she has booked in her name. Can I just use her name and confirmation number when I go to the restaurant or does she have to call up and change all the info into my name?

It would just be easier if I could just use her info and she is cool with this as well but this is my first time having ADR’s and I don’t know if they somehow check to make sure it is the right person or if there will be an issue since we will be on the DDP and have to give the server our KTTW card with a different name on it. Do they give the server the name of the party?

Like I said, I will have her first and last name and the confirmation number. Will this be good enough?

Thanks again :flowers:


If she can change it then change it if not there shouldn’t be a problem since it’s not an ADR that needed a credit card to hold. They won’t ask for an ID when you check in, just the name the ADR is in so you should be fine.


You cna just check in under her name. Like Disney teach said, if there is no credit card holding the reservation, it doesn’t matter who’s name is on the reservation.


I would just have her call and change the reservation Information just to be on the safe side.


I agree, but if they won’t change it, then just use her name. I’ve done name changes before, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


I wouldn’t worry if it’s not in your name. You show up at the right time and give the right name. If they ask to see your room keys, as they will if you’re on a dining plan, just explain to them that the reservation was made by your friend and WDWDINE wasn’t able to change it to your name without losing the reservation entirely.