Yuletide Fantasy Tour


Has anyone done this tour in the past? We’ve booked this tour for our upcoming trip in December. What kind of things do you get to see? Where do they take you? Is it all backstage or do you get to see hotels and other things? Can I bring a camera to take pictures of the non backstage areas? I know we’re not allowed to take pictures backstage but if they take us to hotels (like AKL) can we take pictures there? I’m curious cause if they take us to a hotel like AKL, I’m not likely to get back there after the tour. :confused:


I want to know about it now!!!
SOmeone fill Mystic and me in!


Fill me in too!!!


I want to know too!


Me too! Me too!



On AllEarsNet.com they have something about it http://allearsnet.com/btp/tours.htm#yul

I wasn’t sure if you’ve seen that or not. They also have quite a few reviews.


Thanks for the link. Was very informative but still doesn’t answer the question about cameras and taking pictures ‘on stage’.