Zefyrs Hakuna Matata Trip Report


It was a dark and stormy night…no wait! That happens later.

It was a hot and steamy day…yay that’s more like it!

The trip: August 19-25, 2007

The cast:

Three of my favorite people…me, myself, and I

Oh and my sister too… but she comes in later.

Where did I stay?


Why Pop Century!!! I was in the Pac-man building…but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself


Yay! I’m ready to read a TR instead of writing one now.:laugh:


Day 1…departure day

I had to wake up at 5:30 am so that I could drive to my parents. I was flying out of White Plains and they live close by. So I made it to their house by 7 and we arrived at the airport by 7:30…early enough for me to pay the $60 to be bumped up to business class…I later find out this was well worth the expense.

I’m using Airtran and aside from the not so good reviews, the flight was ontime and non-stop from NY to MCO. I arrived by 11 am and make my way to the magical express counter. Does anyone else wonder a bit to find it?

The counter has a long line but it’s all good. No worries. The line moves surprisingly fast and I get myself checked in and onto the ‘red carpet’ which is more like a red welcome-mat. Within 10 min I’m on a bus and off to Pop, which happens to be the first stop! Yay.

I arrive at check-in to another long line, but again it moves fast. I hold my breath fully expecting to be toting my carry-on bags until 3pm but to my surprise the room is ready. It’s in the 90s building so I wonder through the heat and humidity until I find room 9450.

I open the door and find the welcomed a/c on and I unpack what I had with me. I also find a cute towel animal. Since it’s early I decided to go off. Initially I planned AK but that bus pulled away as I got to the bus station…luckily the MK bus was just arriving.


So 20 minutes later I arrive…I step out of the a/c bus and into heat and humidity. All week it was in the mid-90s. By the time I made it into the MK I was ready for more a/c so I walked through the Main St shops and headed to my favorite ride.


Okay, everyone, all together now…Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!


Before anyone asks…no, I didn’t use a flash. In fact, I didn’t use a flash in any of my photos.


Pirates had hardly any wait and sooner than I’d like I was in the shop and on the move…since I needed cooling off I headed over to Splash Mountain. But the wait was over an hour so I ended up here.


WOW! You got a great shot of this!!!:happy:

Mine didn’t turn out so great.:glare:


I think it’s about 3pm by this point and I’m a bit dehydrated and hungry. So, over to Peco’s Bills for some grub. I had the bacon double cheeseburger and supersized lemonade! This was the first time I didn’t have to wait for a table at Peco’s Bills so I’m thrilled.

After filling my stomach I begin to head through Frontierland towards Fantasyland. I pass by the Haunted Mansion. It’s covered in a tarp but you can see that they have scaffolding it up all around it. This looks like a MAJOR renovation.

In Fantasyland I go on PhilHarMagic (one of my faves!), Snow White, and finally after many years of wanting to go…


Winnie the Pooh ride…


Thanks! I had a fast len (f/2) and upped the digital cameras ISO to 1600. The combo worked well for the indoor, dark rides.


After Pooh, I decided to go to Mickey’s Toon Fair…since I can never convince anyone to go with me. I decided to visit a friend…


Minnie wasn’t in but she left the door open for me. So I made myself comfortable.

It turns out Minnie and I have alot of the same hobbies.


Wow…look at those plants!


Since Minnie wasn’t home I decided to try Mickey’s House…but he wasn’t there either. So I browsed his garden…not too shabby.


Mickey wasn’t in either so I left Toon Fair, but not before snapping some photos of the topiaries.


And of course


Now I’m heading over to Tomorrowland. I stop by to see if they’ve caught Stitch yet.


Nope! He’s still popping up all over…or maybe I should say popping down.