Zombie threads


We are being invaded by the zombie threads again. Please do not bump up old threads from years ago. It confuses members as they think the threads are current. I will be “dumping” all zombies that don’t pertain to current times. Enough already guys…people are SO confused. Please don’t make moderating tougher than it needs to be.


Thank you, I couldn’t figure out what was going on yesterday.


I’ve been good and haven’t bumped since you guys last mentioned it…

However, I think there should be a clear rule on resurrecting old threads. For instance is “Go ahead… Highjack this thread” considered a Zombie thread.

How about what MerlinMatt mentioned in his thread. It also seems to bring back old members and spark new interest in old and new alike. There will come a day that there may not be anything to say and all we may have is the past to work from. I think we’re making a big deal out of old threads that may come up no and than. If a person (new member) is not able to refer to dates or does not take time to read the entire thread, does everyone need to do with out. I can understand how some threads may be personal and bring back some old emotions, but I think they are few and far between. IMHO

I will do what ever is required. We should make it clear so that all can understand and declare what is considered a “Zombie Thread”



I am sort of on the fence with this subject. I see your point Michael. And like you, I think if people don’t see the post date, it’s their problem, and if zombie threads should not be unearthed, then maybe they should be closed automatically after a certain time has gone by.
Also, we often tell people to look back into old threads to glean the information they seek. So, it is difficult to decide what should and should not be brought up again.

Having said that, it seemed like Boss and you had something going on the last couple of days that seemed whoever can dig out the strangest or oldest thread wins the prize. It was just a bit too much. New members who are not used to looking at the site and don’t see the posting date will get confused.


I swear it wasn’t me and I don’t believe even Boss did… I noticed it also and thought the same thing. I said geeze thier going to think I did this. However, you have to agree we had some fun with those threads. I think we should make it clear on the rules and/or guide lines. Some of the old threads you have to say were pretty good…



I don’t have a problem with someone digging up an old thread to ask a question related to the subject of the thread. However, some of the bumps were for no reason other than to see an OLD thread bumped up. I deleted one where the bump was to an old newsletter from 2001–there was no point to it.


Yes, I agree, you pulled up some good ones in the past :laugh: We did have some great fun here…

Ahhhh the good old days :blush:


That one I saw and it made me :blink: :blink: :laugh:


Carmichael did that one :pinch:


I don’t know why anyone would want to bump an old thread.:rolleyes:


Watch out!!! I think they’re looking to put someone in timeout!!!
Where is Peter Pan when you need’em!!!





I am talking about old threads that don’t pertain to current times…that’s it. Sorry I wasn’t clear.


Zombie thread: a thread that is old and doesn’t belong in current discssion.

example: a thread in chit chat about a death in someone’s family that happened two years ago.

example: a thread about discounts that came out in the fall of 2006.

example: a rehab of a ride that happened a year ago…

trying to be clear about what I am talking about. It’s really hard and confusing to see a rehab thread that hapened a long time ago. Some people don’t see the date the thread started and think the ride is currently under rehab.

Pricing and discounts that aren’t for this year is misleading as well and shouldn’t even have to tell you why bringing up a death in someone’s family thread from years passed is wrong…(yes, there was one of them a few weeks ago).


Your right I completely Understand!!! :huh:



You can’t hide but so many places in that little state of yours… :tongue:


Maybe there are some threads that should be deleted or at least moved into an archive file after a reasonable time.


I think Mickey is looking at adding something that. It would auto lock threads that haven’t been posted to in a certain amount of time.


I was about to drag up a thread from about 6 months ago, asking about DVC waitlists. I was going to add “my waitlist came thru”. Would this be considered zombieish?


If it adds to the thread it’s fine but a lot of the time the original poster has moved on and might not even see the reply.